Interior Architecture
Art Deco Kitchen
The design concept of the kitchen in the historical part of the city. The idea was to create the organic design as a continuation of Art-deco architecture.
Interior Architecture
The Essence Bar
Design-project for those who appreciate the process more than the result. The interior is the base for the wine degustation.
Interior Architecture
Boy's Room
The room for a thirteen-year-old young active man. Our goal was to create a space reflecting the strong individuality and helping him to learn and grow.
Interior Architecture
Country House
This house was designed as a weekend space for a family. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy. The style of interior is in harmony with nature and forest mood.
Interior Architecture
Room for a Teenager
Room for a young man. Our goal was to create the space giving the confidence of the next day, atmosphere of respect and understanding.
Interior Architecture
The apartment for a young family in the central part of Saint-Petersburg. The inspiration for the design concept is Boston atmosphere.
Interior Architecture
Co-working Space
Co-working space for those creative. The starting point for the design concept is modern art as a main source of inspiration for this audience.
Interior Architecture
Marc Jacobs Pavilion
The design project of the Marc Jacobs stand was designed for the "Ritti Uomo" exhibition in Florence, Italy.
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